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We're moving...

Hey there.

Just an invitation to pop on by to radiojoe.com for the latest updates...

AND also to please tune in to what in my personal opinion is the BEST radio show in Singapore... The Morning Jam on Power 98 6-10am. Please let me know what you think about the show and what you enjoyed (or not) about it.

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Along came a car...

I really need to get back on the air. This is just the sort of thing that would have made it onto the mic.

Along the main road outside our apartment, a Volvo came to a complete stop in the right lane. So I thought it must be a breakdown. I mean why else would anyone stop where they did.

Unless of course they were doing what they turned out to be doing. They wound down the window on the driver's side and tossed junk out the window... Right there in the middle of the road!!!

It's a good thing bazookas are illegal.
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Why kids are smarter than adults!

Our little Tasmin received a crying, cooing and snoring baby from Santa. So she was doting over her new child today...

We were in the car and the topic turned to how it was going to get a little tight space-wise once her little baby grew up.

Her reply is instantaneous - "No she won't grow up... She's a toy!"

No one said it out loud, but I could almost hear the other kids think, "Duh!"
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It's time for a confession.

It's been eating me up for the longest time. But radio these days makes me sick!

Adele will tell you that, in general, my language is very PG.

But when I hear some of the stuff that happens on the air here - it causes me to curse. To ask the radio redundantly, "WTF are you saying?"

And the merger of the media companies has done nothing to make things any better. The compelling need to be better than the next guy - just went out the window.

So here's the thing - if I get the chance to get back on the air, I want to kick ass, take names and send folks to the principal's office! (Do I sound like someone who once was a prefect?) And I would love it if I got some help from the fine upstanding netizens of LJ.

I don't have a specific plan. But would anyone like to help?
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Can I get a favour from you guys please?

I am really interested to find out what you think about the state of radio in Singapore. I'm not talking about music - because that's way too difficult to come to any kind of consensus about.

But what about the shows. The talk especially. Let me know what you think. In fact let everyone here know what you think.

You may be a little surprised I'm not expressing an opinion in this post. That is only because I don't want to influence the results of this poll - informal as it is.

Please satisfy my curious nature.
Or else I'll keep using this stupid dorky picture and post some more.
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Adele's Cancer

This is long overdue.

I just wanted to a big thank you for all the love everyone showed when Adele was going through the ordeal of cancer. It really made a huge difference that you posted what you guys posted so that she could read them before she went in for the operations.

And of course she couldn't wait to get back on-line to see what else you'd written.

Well, as probably everyone is aware, it's all over. Adele just finished radiation therapy. And although she'll be known as a cancer patient for the next 10 years, she's really very well. And you all played a very significant role in her speedy recovery.

Adele told me many times she felt as though she was buoyed by everyone's care and concern. She said just knowing there were so many people looking out for her made her feel stronger.

And so I say - a long overdue - thank you. From the bottom of my heart.
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It's a BAD idea - TRUST ME!

Ever sat in front of the TV and gone,"You have got to be kidding!"?

They're selling not 1. Not 2. But 5 CD's of Music Box Music.

But wait, you say, sounds interesting. What is it?

Well it features all kinds of songs, played on a music box. Nothing else. Well there IS a free bear. What I mean is that it is the music box as a solo instrument.

Not that I don't enjoy the dulcet sounds of a music box, tinkling away, but it's not long before I'm tempted to close it so it goes away. Perhaps I'm discounting all those music box fans out there but I'm guessing that they are the ones who like the real thing. You know, ACTUAL music boxes.

Of course, I could be wrong.

I really hope not.
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Writing a Book and Shitting Bricks

Some may have heard about the book project that I embarked on at the end of last year. It's with Jim Aitchison, who is a brilliant writer. He manages 8 books a year and is truly one of the experts in advertising.

So far it's been really great. The publishers are giving us a contract (that by all accounts, seems pretty favourable). We've got a speaking engagement at the Singapore Business Congress. All is good.

Except that writing is pretty hard shit. I wonder if there's a pill you can take?

By the way. It is a GREAT book. (Even if it IS me who's saying so.) It's the kind of book I wish someone had written for me. And so far everyone else who's heard the details loves it.

So what's the book about? In a word, the book is about YOU. I wish I could tell you more but it's all very hush hush at this stage. Hopefully it'll be out by April.

If I find those pills, that is.
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